Product development-Production-Quality assurance activities after the launch

Product development~Production~Quality assurance activities after the launch

Product development stage

At the development and commercialization stage, each department examines safety, function and performance, stability, and compliance with laws and regulations in terms of design and raw material selection. At the same time, we set up various review meetings (such as safety evaluation meetings) in which related departments including customer service departments participate, and conduct comprehensive evaluations and confirmations from the end user’s point of view while assuming the actual conditions at every stage, such as “know” “select” “buy” “use” “store” and “dispose”. In addition, after a series of actual use tests and monitor evaluations under various conditions, the product specifications are finally determined through a comprehensive evaluation by quality improvement review meeting.

Quality improvement activities after the launch

After the launch of the product, all departments continue quality improvement activities by seriously addressing the suggestions and inquiries received by the customer service department.

Quality assurance flow