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I first became fascinated by the marine world as a student after a magical encounter with a sperm whale. Since then, I have always looked for opportunities to share this experience and help people discover this extraordinary world. For this reason, MOBBY’S mission and core philosophy has always been to provide the best wetsuits and drysuit solutions, thereby allowing everyone to enjoy any water related activities and adventures!

Founded in 1963, in its early stage MOBBY’S produced wetsuits for local Tohoku fish divers. Soon, it gradually expanded its activities to include scuba diving, surfing, fishing, yachting, and eventually into many other watersports activities including canoeing and kayaking. Mobby’s is known worldwide as an industry pioneer in product innovation, quality and style. This value proposition carries over to overseas expansion beginning in 1989. We continually update our product lines with a fresh approach to fashion and fit and lead the way with our state-of-the art Anatomical Cutting Technology (A.C.T.). Today we are recognized worldwide for our approach to building the best wetsuits and drysuits!

In addition, we support commercial diving, the Coast Guard, military, police, fire and rescue by providing highly valued unique suit solutions for each segment. Examples include, a “hot water” suit for extreme cold water diving, hazmat for contaminated water, or breathable material to prevent overheating while in a helicopter for a rescue divers. On a more personal note, our drysuits were widely used in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Northern Japan in 2011.

In order to continue contributing to the needs of society, we will pursue “Advanced” and “Design” and strive to be a company that satisfies customers as a leader in the industry.


Mamoru Yasuda

Accompanied by a whale survey by British oceanographer Gordon Williamson.
During the voyage, I was very impressed with the encounter with the sperm whale.

Mobby Dick is a future-oriented company. Management philosophy is to make the oceans around the world fun and safe through value for the exciting that brings together diverse human resources and passions. We continue to take on a variety of challenges such as servitization, focusing on the three brands MOBBY’S, O’NEILL and Rearth. We have been expanding our business domain through diversification of products and target markets, and expansion into global markets, by combining the manufacturing technologies we have cultivated since our establishment with unique technological elements such as A.C.T. (= Anatomical Cutting Technology). However, the impact of the COVID-19 has drastically changed the daily lives of people around the world. Our values are also changing as we are required to change our daily behavioral patterns. Under these circumstances, I feel that we are being asked once again what we should do for our customers and society, and what is required of us. Our company is today based on the days that our predecessors have accumulated, and our customers and business partners have always been there for us. I would like to thank everyone who has learned the trajectory of our predecessors and supported us, seriously think about what we should do in the new era, and move forward with our employees. We are currently implementing a three-year medium-term management plan that aims to establish a foundation for growth. I would like to ask for the continued guidance and encouragement of all our stakeholders.


Takeshi Kato