Wet and dry suits for government and industry

This is a brand for professionals with excellent resistance to cold and water for professional divers, Japan Coast Guard, Self-Defense Forces, police, fishermen, diving construction, and other special businesses, utilizing the “dynamic cutting technology for ease of movement” cultivated by MOBBY’S. We have developed a rescue suit worn by Japan Coast Guard’s special rescue team, a “hot water suit” that can be heated in the deep sea, a “chemical-resistant dry suit” for diving in polluted waters and a “helicopter rescue suit” made of breathable and waterproof materials. In addition, immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, many of our dry suits were used for rescue and search in the cold sea.

Delivery record

Japan Coast Guard

  • 1st Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 2nd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 4th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 5th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 6th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 7th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 9th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters
  • Haneda Special Rescue Base
  • Japan Coast Guard Academy          etc.

Ministry of Defense

  • Technical Research and Development Institute
  • Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
  • Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Ominato District
  • Yokosuka District
  • Maizuru District
  • Kure District
  • Sasebo District
  • Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force First Service School

Fire Department

  • Fire and Disaster Management Agency
  • Tokyo Fire Department and other fire departments
  • throughout Japan
  • Fire department
  • Firefighters’ union


  • National Police Agency, Metropolitan Police Department, and all police headquarters nationwide

A.C.T.Dynamic body cutting that thoroughly pursues ease of movement

“A.C.T.” reproduces the movement of human skin

The skin that covers the surface of the body is not a single piece of skin. The skin, which is divided into sections according to the body‘s movements and the resulting expansion and contraction, is connected to each other with a moderate amount of space to protect the body. This is why we do not feel constrained by the skin that covers our entire body. MOBBY’S has developed a panel design method based on the characteristics of human skin, the structure of joints, and the movement of muscles by approaching the knowledge of anatomy. This is the Anatomical Cutting Technology=A.C.T.

Stress-free neutral position

People are most relieved from stress when they are leaning forward, which is called the neutral position maintained by a fetus. For this reason, the basic style of the suits made by A.C.T. is bent forward posture. The natural shape with adequate space in each part of the body reduces stress by 61% to 89% compared to conventional products for the movements expected in diving.

Skillful craftsmanship

The design and cutting of the panels using the Anatomical Cutting Technology “A.C.T.” is different from conventional ideas. This is made possible by the experienced craftsmanship of MOBBY’S, which has provided 700,000 suits to divers in the 58 years since its establishment.